Little Man

A Look Back at 6 and 7 Months

I can’t take it…my sweet baby boy is all grown up! He hardly seems like a baby these days. His growing independence is so bitter sweet; I love that he is exploring and trying new things, but it kills me to know that these precious baby moments are slipping away. My daily prayer is that I savor each and every minute, and don’t take them for granted.


Dear Eli,

These past two months have been such a blast! I feel like you and I have finally found a sweet spot, a rhythm, and we are having so much fun learning together. You are much more content to play on your own, and with others. You are a little giggle box, and always have a smile to shine. Recently, you have been flashing what I call your “chester grin”- you smile so big that your little nose scrunches and your sweet eyes squint. You hold it…until we notice and give you one right back. You freely give these out to strangers while running errands with Momma. You. Are. Precious.



Around 7 months you started to hold yourself up in a sitting position. This, we both loved. You were now able to play with toys in a whole new way! Momma would still sit close by, because the occasional ker-plunk was not fun for anybody! A couple weeks later, you discovered that you could go from a lying position to a sitting position. While on your tummy, you would use your hands to back yourself up until you were sitting, legs in a giant split. You were so proud of yourself- and so was I. This was your entertainment for the next week.


Then you pulled out the big guns and began scooting yourself over to things that you wanted, picture an army crawl. After noticing this, I decided to see how far you might go. Shiny objects did the trick, namely, my phone or iPad. You were on your way, nothing stopping you. At 8 months, I can barely keep up! You have even started touching edges of furniture…I can just see you thinking, if only I could just pull up on this. You love to turn the DVD player on and off, and I have even caught you pulling out the cd and chewing on it. You love cords, and remember where they are. Momma is always on her toes now.


Your favorite game is peekaboo. I will put you in one spot, like your crib or a pillow fort and pretend I can’t find you. You think it is hilarious every time! You are super ticklish deep under your ribcage, but nowhere else. Daddy likes to hold you upside-down, and put stuff on your head and you love to rip it off and giggle every time. You’re not so into your jumparoo anymore, you like to play on the floor with your toys. Some of your favorites are rags, wooden toys, stacking cups, chew beads, and a water bottle filled with popcorn kernels that Mommy made you. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  is your favorite book, actually, the only book at this point that will keep your attention.


Your personality is coming out more and more as the months pass. You love to scratch things, and feel their texture. You study objects and people, and I believe have a deep intuition. You’re curious and love to explore. You are so silly sometimes, and your laugh is infectious. You are very decisive about what you like and dislike, even at this young age. You have such a sweet side, and love to give snuggles. You are babbling and talking all the time. You can say Mama, Dada, and have recently been pronouncing “g”.


At your 6-month checkup you weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs.! You have steadily grown out of your 3-6 months outfits and are now wearing 6-9 months. Your little head of hair grew back in and is fairly light, much like Mommy and Daddy’s was at your age. That sweet smile is still all gums, which is just fine with me; I adore your toothless grin.


We introduced you to the world of foods with a banana and you devoured it. My boy! We began the process of baby led weaning and you are loving it. We are still on-demand breastfeeding, usually in the morning, before and after naps, and before bed. You are such an adventurous eater who is willing to try anything. I love that about you, and it makes me enjoy cooking in a whole new way. Avocado, kiwi, potato wedges, broccoli, pasta, and cheese are your favorite foods.  Over the past 2 months, you have gotten better with your hands and swallowing. You started using your pincher reflex to pick up food and can manage a sippy cup now. You love water. On the rare occasion that you taste something and don’t like it, you drop it to the floor and move on. It is so funny watching you do this. You love to make a mess. I love to watch you make a mess. Instead of using the “all done” sign that I have desperately tried to teach you, you simply pull off your bib once you are finished. To stop you from doing this when you’re really messy, I strategically save the messiest meals and baprons for dinner, so I can just dump you in the tub.


Cloth diapering was brought to a whole new level with solid foods coming in and out, but we are going strong. Daddy set up the bidet sprayer and we have been using liners to help make things easier. THIS IS LOVE.

You started taking baths in the tub like a big boy. Daddy taught you how to splash the water…all over Mommy…thanks for that. You love to scoop up toys, and chew on washcloths. I love getting you all squeaky clean and smelling yummy. We sing our songs and do our bedtime routine, and talk about what kinds of dreams you are going to have based off your pajamas. Are you going to sail the seven seas and find treasure in your pirate pj’s or be the brave zookeeper in your animal pj’s? You give me a big smile when we have these discussions. I will never forget how perfect you feel in my arms as I rock you to sleep, and pray over you, my dear son.


Sleep training was a big accomplishment these past 2 months. It was not an easy journey, but it was well worth it. You take 2 naps a day, at 9 and 12, and sometimes a late afternoon power nap at 3:30. You slowly went from waking up after 30 minutes, to waking up after 45, and are now usually sleeping through the hour. When you do wake up, Mommy goes in for some hugs, and you go right back to sleep.


You wake up through the night a few times, if you have bad dreams or your gums are bothering you. We go in and hold you in our arms and sway you, and you put your head on our shoulder and fall back asleep. These are some of the most precious moments Mommy and Daddy share with you. In the middle of the night, you nurse once, and go back to sleep on your own. You are very attached to your lovey bear. Mommy fills the crib with paci’s so you can find them at night. You can grab and put them in your mouth on your own. You love to sleep with your face up against the bumper, or even with your lovey on your face. You are an evening acrobat- you sleep with your leg up on the bumper, on your tummy, on your back, but mostly your side. You will travel every inch of that crib by morning!





My sweet boy, can you tell I adore you? I feel so honored to call you mine. I love you ‘lijah bear.







Little Man

Bath Time Favorites


Eli has always been a fan of baths. Ever since he was born, the bath was just about the only thing that would soothe him. There have been a few products that I have used over the past seven months that have worked really well, so I wanted to share them with any of you first time mommies! Oh, and I thought I’d throw in a few splishy splashy pics to get ya’ in the mood!


For the first five months, we used the Puj Tub and bathed Little Man in the kitchen sink. I’m pretty sure this was over the recommended time, but he  hooted and hollered when we tried to stick him in the real bath, and he wasn’t quite able to sit up on his own. So…we stuck with the Puj Tub. This little puppy fits most household sinks and is a dream for bathing little ones. It is made of a soft foam that allows it to fold and snap into position for the sink. When open, it dries in a matter of minutes and can be stored hanging to save space. I would stick a washcloth at the bottom where the fold is to make it a little more comfy, and to plug up the center hole.  I am not sure if Eli’s love for baths is just because he likes the water, or because of the Puj Tub.  If you think about it, bathing in the sink makes a lot of sense for newborns. You can replicate the womb experience in a way.  By leaving the water running, you ensure baby stays warm the whole time, the shape of the sink allows the baby to be in a somewhat curled posittion, and the sound of running water is soothing to newborns because it sounds a lot like the womb. I have heard of a lot of babies hating bath time. I wonder if it is because they get cold and are sprawled out?


Whimsyboo Baby bath hoodie and washcloths.  This is my all time favorite brand. The products from Whimsyboo are made by a WAHM, which makes me love and appreciate the products even more. These towels and washcloths are by far the softest and most absorbent we have. They are made of organic bamboo velour, are three times more absorbent than cotton, and are antibacterial and odor resistant! I reach for these first when bath time rolls around.


Baby Bath Seat. This comes in handy when your little one outgrows sink or bucket baths, but isn’t quite ready to sit in a big tub unsupported. It has suction cups on the bottom to hold it in place, and is great for keeping slippery babies in the upright position as they practice sitting up on their own. This is the closest one I could find to the one we use, they no longer make ours.


Skip Hop Bath Toys and Accessories. I love most things from Skip Hop, but especially their bath products. We have the Dunk Ducks, which are wonderful for rinsing off soap, and are fun because they float and can be stacked. The Animal Bath Squirters, that come in a pack of six, are super cute, fun to chew, and even more fun to squirt! And the Tubby Bath Toy Organizer, which is substantial in size, and keeps all our bath toys organized and dry. My next purchase will be the Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest, because folks, bath time should be fun for all!


What are your favorite baby bath time products?








DIY Projects

DIY Cord Organizer

I have been itching to do a DIY project for a while, but needed something that would be quick and simple, and this little project fit the bill. It was a perfect father’s day gift for my wonderful hubs, who travels and likes to keep things super organized!


You will only need a few things…


-1/4 yard of fabric

-1/4 yard of fake leather or vinyl


-Snap buttons

-Exacto knife or rotary cutter

-Metal ruler

-Matte cutting board


-Fabric glue

-Fray Check

Then you can follow this tutorial like I did. The only step I added was to use fabric to line the inside of the rolls.

IMG_3417I cut the fabric the same size as the leather, applied fray check to the edges, then used fabric glue to adhere the fabric to the leather. Once dry, you can quickly and gently iron the fabric to seal completely!


I think it turned out pretty cool, and Drew says it works well on the go! Score!


I plan on making some for gifts in the future. The middle size works well and is what Drew uses most often (If you feel like just tackling one).









Sunday Morning Oatmeal

My husband Drew travels most weeks. On those days, his meals consist of things you would expect a traveling man  to consume-granola bars and deli sandwiches. The thought of this makes my heart hurt. I have always believed that food has the ability to heal us from the inside out. There is something about a warm, homemade meal that makes you feel loved, taken care of, and at peace. So, on the weekends, I try to make up for the lack of food love he gets on the road.

I have to be completely honest, the past  months have been challenging for me to commit to cooking amongst the chaos and business life brings. But more recently I have been workin’ my little kitchen’s tail off, loving every minute of  it, and I have to say…so does Drew. This is one of those recipes that came about based on what I had in my pantry a few weeks ago, and it has now become a requested staple in our house. You have got to try it!



YEILDS: 2 servings


2 cups water

pinch of salt

1 cup oats

1 1/2 tablespoons light brown sugar, lightly packed

1 1/2 tablespoons maple syrup

1/4 cup whole pecans (I prefer honey roasted or salted)

1 banana, peeled and sliced

1/4 cup golden raisins




Bring the water and salt to a boil in a small saucepan.

Lower the heat to medium-low. Add the oats and cook, stirring occasionally, for 10-15 minutes or until desired consistency is reached.

Off the heat, stir in the sugar and syrup.

Serve topped with pecans, banana slices, and raisins.

*If you have a little one, these oatmeal balls are a perfect for them to handle right at the table with Mom and Dad! Eli loves them.



Using the package directions on the oatmeal, prepare a serving size of 3 instead of 2. After the oats are done cooking, let cool slightly, then scoop balls using an ice cream scoop.

ice cream scoop



Sprinkle with cinnamon, and store in the refrigerator for a few minutes while you prepare the “grown up” oatmeal. Once cooled, serve them up and enjoy watching your babe make a mess!








Baby-Led Weaning

Hi Lovelies!

It seems like forever since I have posted, and well, I guess it has been. I took a little mental break, but can’t wait to catch you guys up on all we have been up to! Eli is now seven and a half months old, and I can hardly stand it! I’m putting together a few six and seven month highlights for those of you who don’t get to see the little man often and will post that this week. But, the most exciting new development with him has been baby-led weaning.


We started introducing food at six months. We wanted to wait until he was able to sit up on his own, and was dexterous enough with his hands to handle finger foods. Banana slices in a mesh teether was his first taste of real food, and he devoured the entire banana…through the teether…we figured he was quite ready.


I had heard about baby-led weaning through the grapevine of bloggers and youtube mommies I follow. It seemed like an interesting concept, so I decided to read into it (I highly recommend Baby-Led Weaning by Tracey Murkett and Gill Rapley). For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, let me give you a brief summary:

Baby-led weaning is based on the idea that babies are able to feed themselves whole food from six months of age, when they naturally begin to reach for food (they still full time breastfeed for all of their nutrients).

Under careful supervision, they should be able to explore suitably sized pieces of food in their natural states. The colors, textures, smells, and pure tastes are all important when introducing a new food because that is what makes it exciting. You lose a lot of these experiences when you puree food.

BLW fosters independence-babies are able to choose which foods they wish to eat, how they want to eat it, and when they are finished. (This was a biggie for me because Eli has always been breastfed and I was not used to “measuring out food” for him. He let me know when he was full, and he now does with food as well.)


And, that’s pretty much it! It is really simple, and has been one of the most fun things I have done with Eli. I love cooking for him, and he enjoys exploring, and making an utter mess. You get to learn what your baby likes and dislikes, and watch their little minds, mouths, and hands learn each time they are placed at the table.


In my next few posts, I will share a bit more on how we operate around here at mealtime, so look out for those posts in the next few days!