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Friday Favorite: Auto Trash and Auto Sneeze

About two years ago, while surfing Etsy, I found The Mod Mobile. The owner, Allyson Hill, sells accessories to keep your car neat and tidy–not to mention cute!  I own them myself and LOVE having a place to put my trash when I’m out running errands. The Auto Trash features an adjustable strap that can be customized to fit around a stick shift, or on the back of a headrest. Inside the fabric cover is a durable plastic liner that can slip in and out. You insert a plastic bag (1 roll is included with purchase) and tuck it between the layers to keep it concealed. The Auto Sneeze fits around the sun visor- a perfect place to keep tissues on hand and in sight.














You can mix and match prints, or by two matching prints.

I have given both of these products as Christmas gifts to just about all my family members. I am thinking about purchasing another one to hang in my laundry room, it would be a perfect place to put all that lint from the dryer…don’t ya think?






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Animal Jars

I found this project on craftgawker and have been wanting to do it for some time. It was one of those “pinned” projects that I thought I might have to wait to do until Eli got a little older because I had only seen them used for storing craft supplies. But, then I thought, why not use them in the bathroom to store baby hygiene products?! Once he gets older, I can change out what’s inside. Here is how you make ’em…

Supplies (plastic animals from the craft store, pickle jars, craft paint, paint brushes, Krazy glue)










Empty your jars and give them a bubble bath! Allow them to soak for an hour or more so the labels come off easily. Make sure you scrub them afterwards, you don’t want your goodies to smell like pickles!












Paint your animals, as well as their coordinating lids. I had to paint 2-3 coats to get full coverage. Let them dry overnight. (You probably noticed that I snuck another animal in the mix…I think a cluster of four looks better).










Glue the animals’ feet to the lids using the Krazy glue. You only need a drop per foot. Hold the animal in place for at least 30 seconds until the glue has fully adhered.









Fill your jars with anything you can think of! I filled mine with cotton balls, baby q-tips, and cotton swabs.















Top the jars with the lids and you’re all done!