Our Cloth Diaper Routine

The most challenging thing about cloth diapering is getting started! Narrowing down the brand of diaper, cream and soap took me a few tries, but I think I have found the perfect combination. Once you have a routine down, cloth diapering is super simple and gratifying. Drew and I were talking the other day about how we can’t even imagine NOT using cloth with our next babies. I hope this post saves those of you who are thinking about using cloth some time and energy, so that you can start the process with peace of mind!


We own 25 Rumparooz pocket diapers, and 30 Thirsties wipes.

Step 1: Always use the right products on your diapers to make cleaning easy.



Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm is THE BEST cloth friendly cream I have found. It smells good, works wonders, and will not create build up.



Bac-Out helps eliminate odor when sprayed on dirty diapers before tossing them in the pail. We keep both products at our changing station.

Step 2: Empty diaper pail and replace pail liner.



We use a trash can, and always keep an extra liner on hand.



Step 3: Dump the diapers and wipes in the wash, and then the pail liner. 



Good news! You don’t need to pull out the inserts for pocket diapers, they wiggle out on their own.



Step 4: Rinse cycle with cold water. 



Don’t scrimp on the water, I always set it to large.



Step 5: Heavy wash cycle with hot water and detergent.



Large water load is important.



I use 3 scoops of Rockin’ Green Classic Rock.

IMG_3998 IMG_4000


Step 6: Large rinse cycle with cold water.

To remove detergent residue.

Step 7: Small rinse cycle with cold water.

For good measure.

Step 8: Transfer the inserts and wipes to the dryer.

IMG_4851 IMG_4860


I add 4 to 6 Woolzies to the dryer as well to cut down drying time and make everything soft. NEVER use dryer sheets.



Step 9: Hang diaper covers on drying rack.



Air drying the diaper covers ensures your diapers will have a long life, and that the elastic will stay tight. The covers take a couple of hours to dry, I usually let them hang overnight. We use a simple folding rack.



Step 10: Organize into piles.



Sperate and fold the wipes, stack the inserts for easy stuffing.



Step 11: Stuff the diapers.



Put each insert into a cover. We have 4 sets of bamboo inserts that we put into black diapers for “overnight”. These go in their own basket (see below) for easy access at bedtime.



Step 12: Put ’em away!



Storing diapers is a personal preference. We use 3 baskets on a shelf that hold the diapers perfectly.







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  1. Tracy Scorse says:

    you are amazing…not to mention the incredible photos!!!

  2. Ashley says:

    Look at you all organize… You are such a great Mommy. Eli has so much to be thankful for in you!

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