Little Man

5 Months


Ok, so I slacked this month. Eli is almost 6 months old, but I have to write this post so that I will remember, and he can look back on this special time!


I feel like this month marked a major change in little man. He seems more like a little boy than a baby. He is much more content to play on his own, especially now that he can roll, roll, roll to whatever he wants to touch! I can no longer sit him somewhere and expect him to be there one minute later, which is ok with me, because I love the fact that he is exploring. I especially love when I look up at him once he has covered much ground, and he gives me this sly look like, yeah, I’m over here now! Such a cutie.


His favorite toys are ones that make any kind of noise. Musical toys, really music in general, make him happy. I remember him kicking during worship at church while in my tummy, let’s just say, he is musically inclined. Click clack and crunchy toys keep his attention, and I like them even better because he has to interact to produce the sound. Speaking of producing sound, his new skill is babbling, and I have to say, it has been my favorite milestone so far. Hearing his sweet voice fills my soul with so much joy. It makes me feel like I know him on an even deeper level. He can say baba, da, mama, and ah-ga. He usually mixes a few bubbles and squeals in there too.


We are practicing sitting up everyday. I let him spend time in his excersaucer, Bumbo, Johnny Jump, and recently, his high chair so he gets used to the upright posture. He seems to love looking around from this new vantage point. Watching me do chores around the house, talk on the phone, or interact with Daddy seem to really intrigue him. He is definitely curious, and a people watcher. When we go out shopping or to restaraunts, he always smiles and giggles at new faces. It is so wonderful that he interacts with others in a playful way now.


He weighs 18 pounds, but is much leaner than he used to be. I guess all that rolling, squirming, and baby crunches will trim you out fast! We even had to tighten the snaps on his diapers. Diaper changes are pretty much a wrestling match nowadays, I think he is trying to set a record for how long it can take me to complete the task. I used to be able to give him a “special diaper changing time toy” to play with, and it would keep him happy and entertained. He now throws the toy, and looks at me like, nice try, and attempts to take down the mirror above the change table instead. The phrase “balancing act” has a whole new meaning to me know.



I would say our biggest accomplishment together this month has been completing sleep training. He is officially in his crib! He is sleeping most of the night and has 2-3 naps a day. It took a good 2 weeks to get him acclimated, but I know it was the best thing for him. He takes advantage of every inch of his crib, usually making a few rotations throughout the night, and sleeps in every position-side, back, and tummy. He still wakes up once to nurse at night, but getting him back to sleep is so much simpler now-I just set him in his crib and he falls back to sleep! Such a stark difference from the hour I used to spend rocking, then ever so gently slipping him into his swing, hoping, praying, he didn’t wake up. Naps are slowly stretching to longer periods. They started out at 20 minutes, then 30, 45, now they are about an hour. I am really proud of his progress. I think the independence has been good for both of us.


Towards the end of this month, we let Eli taste his very first food through a mess teether. It was a banana, and he really liked it! The look on his face was priceless, and it got me excited to introduce new flavors and textures to him.


His personality is starting to really come out. He is somewhat serious, I think it is more of an intense curiosity that he displays all the time. We have to really pull out some tricks to make him laugh…rough and tumble games and tickling usually work. He is definitely independent and adventurous, he thrives when he is playing and exploring by himself. He loves to be busy, stay active, and be stimulated in new ways-always keeping me on my toes! He has a sweetness about him that comes out when he is sleepy, he hugs and snuggles, and my heart melts. Recently, he has shed a lot of shyness, and has become super friendly. I’m pretty fond of the little guy, and think i’ll keep him :)