You know you’re a SAHM when…

This week I ventured out into the cold. It was 40 degrees and the sun was nowhere in sight, but Eli and I needed to get out and do something other than play with ring-o-links. I bravely loaded up the car and headed to the mall, thinking, I’ll just look around. Any woman out there knows it’s near impossible to just “stroll the stores” of the mall without trying SOMETHING on!

I never have had to try on clothes, I knew my size and I could grab it and go. Since having baby, my body is all kinds of crazy; one day I’ll feel confident and skinny, other days I feel like a saggy, bloated mess. Needless to say, I have to try clothes on now because I range anywhere between a 2 and 6 depending on the store, item, fit, and material.

Back to my story…so I am in the dressing room, stroller and all, and Eli decides that it is the absolute perfect time to cry. I’m sure the women helping and surrounding me thought I was in there torturing my son, but I kept my cool and tried on my clothes. I felt somewhat like a circus clown hopping into my pants using one hand to pull them up, while my other dangled various toys in front of my child trying to make him stop fussing. I don’t know what possessed her to ask, but the saleswoman politely inquired if I was “still doing ok?” Ummmm, lady, unless you want me to come out there and start whacking you with my chain of ring-o-links, I suggest you mosey on outta the dressing room and leave me alone! Of course I replied, “Yes, thank you.”

I threw my clothes back on as quickly as possible, grabbed the stuff I thought fit, and headed for the checkout. As the saleswoman began ringing up my items, I felt something itching the front of my neck. I indiscreetly grazed my chest, and felt what I was hoping was not my shirt tag-it was. My shirt was on backwards, my child was crying, and I could feel my neck, cheeks, and ears getting hot. The lady was cordial and wished me a pleasant day, and I zoomed my stroller out as fast as I could.

When I calmed down, and got to my car, I started chuckling at the situation. It made me realize just how humbling being a stay at home Mom can be. It brings out the best and worst parts of you, but it is a beautiful unveiling of sacrificial love and patience…much like our heavenly father’s love for us.

I want to always look back on this time as a learning experience and be sure to laugh along the way. Here are a few more honesties about being a stay at home Mom!


You know you’re a SAHM when…

You’re the last one to bed and the first one up.

You wake up in the morning and start counting down till “nap time”.

You don’t know what day of the week it is, or the date.

You microwave a cup of coffee countless times and finally get to drink it for dinner.

You’d rather stay in your pj’s than create more laundry.

Getting the dishwasher unloaded and the clothes washed in one day feels like a heroic accomplishment.

You crave adult conversation more than food.

You’re asked by someone you meet, “What do you do?” and you reply, “Everything!”

Your house looks like Toys R Us, without the maintenance workers…cleanup on isle 4 please!

You never have a lunch break, potty break, sick day, or vacation day.

You have buff arms-not from working out, but from picking baby up, down, up, down.

Getting puked on, pooped on, peed on, or snotted on does not even faze you.

You have to decide between “me time” and “sleep time” after the baby is asleep.

Dressing up for you means matching your t-shirt to your pajama bottoms.

A quiet, hot shower becomes your idea of “a day at the spa”.

You don’t carry a purse anymore because everything you need fits in the diaper bag.

You can type, read, cook, clean…and do just about everything else with one hand.

Your big outing for the week is going to the grocery store.

You read an article on housecleaning tips and consider it quality “me” time.

You can rest your eyes at the end of the day knowing that your child is getting the best love and care possible, something that only their Mom can provide.






Little Man

4 Month Update

Dear Eli,

I cannot believe my little man is already four and a half months old! You have gone through some big changes in the last week and it has been wonderful to see glimpses of your personality come through. Daddy and I talk about how in-tune you are to everything and everyone around you. We can see your mind growing behind those wise eyes. During meals, you can’t keep your eyes off of us as we eat and drink, it makes me excited to introduce you to the world of foods soon!

You are warming up to other people, and let them hold you for short periods of time. When someone interacts with you, you respond with a big, toothless grin, then burry your face into my shoulder…it is so dear.

You are becoming even more vocal, and exploring new ways of using your mouth. While you are still mostly squealing, I have heard you laugh out loud on a few occasions…it lights me up inside. The other day while playing on your mat together, you imitated me by sticking out your tongue. I couldn’t believe it! The next day you learned how to roll your tongue between your lips. All that drool is turning into spit sprays, soaking Mommy and Daddy if we get too close, but we love it.

You are active as always, but are able to channel your energy into smoother movements now. While on your play mat, you love to bat at your toys and grab ring-o-links (most of the time, you pull them clear off!) You use both hands to grasp at objects and bring them to your mouth. I love how your eyes widen and you squeal when I hand you a new object to play with. Some of your favorites are your banana teether, animal rattles, and skwish. When you drop your toys or lose interest, your feet are the old trusties you turn to. I don’t know what amazes me more, the fact that you are flexible enough to put your feet in your mouth, or that they almost fit!

We do a lot of tummy time during the day to strengthen your core and neck muscles. You are able to do a mini push up, flip from your tummy to back, and curl your body so that you are turned on your side. You also do what I fondly call the 180 shuffle. I place you in one spot, and you manage to scoot your way 180 degrees in another direction! I’m impressed every time. You have recently begun bending and moving your knees while on your tummy, I have a feeling we might need to baby proof in the (very) near future.

Playtime is all about the rough and tumble. You love when I tickle your ribs, bounce your legs, turn you from side to side, and play airplane. We have tried out the Johnny Jumper, and Exersaucer, but you aren’t content for long in them. Once your legs and back get a bit stronger, I think you will enjoy them more. For now, you prefer people.

You are nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and getting better at taking naps (as long as your in my arms). You usually wake up around 7:00 and go down for a morning nap from 9:00-10:00. Your afternoon nap is typically from 12:00-1:30, and you round out the day with a power nap between 3:00-4:00. Bath time is at 5:15, and you are usually sound asleep in your swing by 6:15. You weren’t quite game for sleep training, so we are going to try again when we think you are ready. For now, Mommy is praying you will outgrow your swing, and won’t end up a teenager who sleeps in a hammock!

At your last doctor appointment, you weighed 16.2 pounds, and were 25 inches long. For weight and length you were beyond the 50th percentile, but only in the 25th for your head circumference! Daddy calls you his little pinhead :) You are completely outgrowing your Puj tub and your rolls are getting thicker and thicker. I love to kiss between those doughy creases!

We are losing it over here, hair that is. Especially this past month. You have a little bald spot on the back of your head from where you rub it during sleep. Mine is coming out in clumps…poor Daddy, we are going to have to send him on a wig run if things don’t calm down!

You FINALLY like to be carried in the Ergo and Moby Wrap. Mommy has wanted to wear you for so long, and I feel so content to have you snuggled against my chest. We go for walks, and run errands together and you are such a good boy! You love to look around and listen to my conversations with other people. I have to hold you close and calm you down when its extra windy, you gasp for air every time. I’m going to miss that one-day.

Bubba, I pray for you each night before I go to sleep, asking God to work on your spirit so that one day you may know him. I pray that he lays a beautiful path before you, one that is fulfilling to both you and him. You will never know how much I adore you, or how honored I feel to have the role of being your Momma. Keep growing and learning my sweet boy.