Yarn Ball Garland

Hey guys! Eli’s nursery is almost complete and I cannot wait to finally reveal it! Today I want to share a little project I did for the nursery a little while ago, but it makes all the difference in the overall scheme. It’s yarn ball garland and is super easy to make. You could do this same sort of garland for birthday parties, or holidays, but I think it is especially cute in a kid’s space. Here is how you make it…

You’ll Need:

Scissors, yarn, styrofoam balls (in any size you prefer), an ENORMOUS upholstery needle (long enough to fit through your styrofoam balls), twine to string the balls (make sure it is thin enough to fit through the eye of your needle), small push pins.










Step 1:

Take your yarn and pin it into the center of your ball with a push pin. Wrap it every which way until the ball is completely covered and no styrofoam shows.










Step 2:

Cut the yarn and secure it with two push pins.










Step 3:

Continue this process for as many balls as you want to fill your garland. Mix and match colors and sizes for extra interest.

Step 4:

String your twine through the eye of your upholstery needle and tie a knot. Feed the needle through the styrofoam balls so they are all connected on one strand. If you do not want your balls to slip, you can tie knots in between each ball.





































Step 5:

Make sure to leave a little twine on each end for tying the garland to furniture or items. Your all done!















Little Man

A Baby Shower for Eli

This past Saturday, my sweet family threw the most amazing baby shower. The party was “storybook” themed and there was so much thought and detail put into every little thing.

There were activities that “every little boy should know” including how to fold paper airplanes and how to tie knots.
















The food was AMAZING. Tomato soup with goat cheese toasts, gooey christmas crack, chicken salad in butternut squash bowls, and fresh salad with fruit fixings.

The desserts were equally scrumptious, made with love by my precious mother in law. Banana pudding, coconut cake, and peanut butter bon bons.

And…sweet ginger tea in mason jars to wash it all down!

The favors were a heaping portion of sour gummy worms, “book worms”, and a bookmark reading “what are little boys made of? Frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails”! SO cute!

I want to say a special thank you to all of the loving friends and family who put time, thought, and love into this shower. Mom, Ginny, Beth, Debbie, Denise, Ashley, and Britt. You all did an incredible job and made me feel so special!
















And, thank you to everyone who came and supported Drew and I in welcoming our little man. Your gifts are appreciated and your support means the world to us!


Friday Favorite: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

I have never been one to spend a lot of money on makeup. However, over the years I have learned that sometimes spending a little extra to get a quality product makes all the difference in the way your makeup looks, feels, and stays on throughout the day. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner is one of those products. This eyeliner does what it promises.The gel has a great consistency and goes on easily. It stays on all day without smudging, is water resistant, and stays true to color. I will never go back to the dreaded pencil-no more sharpening, smearing, or surprise raccoon eyes!

The eyeliner comes in 14 different colors and costs $22. My last container (in caviar ink) lasted for about a year. I would highly recommend buying the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush, $25, as well. This makes all the difference in applying the eyeliner!













DIY Projects

Falling for Fall!

Hey guys! Despite the stubborn weather, I have decorated for Fall! Instead of overly spooky, I went a little more neutral so I could carry most of the decorations into November (when my little man is due). Check it out and let me know what you think:


















I made the flag banner by cutting out triangles and sewing them onto rick rack.


















I was determined to learn how to make a table runner WITH a ruffle…I think it turned out pretty good for a firs timer! The large pumpkin was painted with chalkboard paint so I can write or draw different things as the feeling strikes.
















I was inspired to paint my pumpkins from this lovely blogger. And my ruffle garland was made using this tutorial.








Friday Favorite: Acrylic iPad Cookbook Stand

I am so excited to share this Friday Favorite with you guys! Have you ever used your iPad while cooking? Lying it flat on the counter makes it extremely difficult to see and read, not to mention worrisome as it has the potential to get very dirty. And, it doesn’t fit in standard size cookbook holders, because, well, it’s not a cookbook! Here is your new solution: Acrylic Stand from The Container Store. It’s sleek, simple, and slim on the counter. On the website, this stand is advertised as a plate stand, but we now know it can be used for so much more! Be sure to purchase the 8 inch stand.