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Animal Jars

I found this project on craftgawker and have been wanting to do it for some time. It was one of those “pinned” projects that I thought I might have to wait to do until Eli got a little older because I had only seen them used for storing craft supplies. But, then I thought, why not use them in the bathroom to store baby hygiene products?! Once he gets older, I can change out what’s inside. Here is how you make ’em…

Supplies (plastic animals from the craft store, pickle jars, craft paint, paint brushes, Krazy glue)










Empty your jars and give them a bubble bath! Allow them to soak for an hour or more so the labels come off easily. Make sure you scrub them afterwards, you don’t want your goodies to smell like pickles!












Paint your animals, as well as their coordinating lids. I had to paint 2-3 coats to get full coverage. Let them dry overnight. (You probably noticed that I snuck another animal in the mix…I think a cluster of four looks better).










Glue the animals’ feet to the lids using the Krazy glue. You only need a drop per foot. Hold the animal in place for at least 30 seconds until the glue has fully adhered.









Fill your jars with anything you can think of! I filled mine with cotton balls, baby q-tips, and cotton swabs.















Top the jars with the lids and you’re all done!






















DIY Projects, Little Man

The Bapron!

Last week I spent the night at my older sister’s house in Fort Worth. We had such a fun time catching up, playing with her two precious girls, and…staying up till 4:00 am making bibs for our babies! Once the girls were down for the night, we pulled out her sewing and embroidery machines, brewed some coffee, and got to work. We followed an amazing tutorial that includes a free printable pattern. This project was time consuming for us because we embroidered ours, and made our own bias tape. If your looking for a quicker project, buy bias tape from the store and skip the monograming. Here is what they turned out like!











































It was my sister’s idea to make these, she is experienced times two, and explained that babies often pull off their bibs if they are made with velcro. The bapron allows the baby’s arms to fit through, and ties at the neck, making it much more difficult to take off.

When the girls woke up the next morning, the first thing they asked about were the bibs. They wore them during breakfast without a fuss and looked so sweet. The bibs seemed really comfortable for them both (Lyla is almost 3, Adah is 16 months). It was almost as if they thought they were wearing another piece of clothing rather than a bib! Success!


































DIY Projects

Duck Tape Garland

For the past few days, I have been up to my neck in projects…but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I found the cutest tutorial for flag garland and thought it would be something fun and whimsical to put in Eli’s nursery. It called for wire ribbon, string, and fabric glue but while at the craft store, I couldn’t find a good patterned ribbon to use. I was about to leave when I saw a rack full of colorful, patterned duck tape. It was the same width as the ribbon I planned on using, and bonus, I didn’t have to buy fabric glue! It was a win win, so I took some home with me…









Ok get ready for the easiest tutorial ever!


Duck Tape

String (I used a sturdy one from the jewelry section of the craft store)


First cut your string. Any length will do, but remember, if you are putting the garland on something large, you typically swoop it (yes, that’s a technical term) in the middle, so consider that when cutting. You will also need a few inches left on each end for tying. I made mine 4 ft.

Measure and cut strips of duck tape at 7 inches.

















Lay out your string on a flat surface. Measure about three inches from the end, and place your first piece of duck tape pattern side down under the string, making sure it is even on both sides.















Fold the duck tape in half, over the string, and gently smooth it out. If you get a wrinkle or two, just smooth it with your finger. If your ends don’t quite match up, just give it a slight trim.









Starting at the bottom, cut out a triangle shape to make the points.









Continue this process, placing each flag about 2 inches apart.









Now, find a worthy place to put this strand of fun…

A bed post











































Or shelves!









Have fun!








Friday Favorites: Emi-Jay Hair Products

Hair kinks are the worst! Every rubber band/hair tie/ponytail holder that I have tried has caused funky kinks, has created knots, and has pulled out my hair. Solution? Emi-Jay hair ties. These ties are made of ribbon elastic and come in a variety of colors. They can even double as a bracelet (no more ugly elastic rubber bands on your wrist)! Emi-Jay offers a variety of products including their classic hair ties, crystal hair ties, headbands, and beaded headbands.














They are a little on the pricey side, so I have found a solution for you crafty-thrifty people: Elastic Hair Tie Tutorial

If following the tutorial, here are two suggested Etsy shops to purchase the materials: Elastic House, Elastic By The Yard

I also came across these fun hair tutorials using the headbands, Enjoy!

Hippie Halo | Emi Jay from Hairdresser On Fire on Vimeo.

Beaded Besties w/ Emi Jay Headbands from Hairdresser On Fire on Vimeo.







The Parents Pledge









I am 10 short weeks away from becoming a mommy, and I have felt the recent tug to do some parenting research. I know the first few months are going to be mere survival, but after that, I want to have some background knowledge and goals set for myself as I bring up Eli. I came across this pledge that inspired me. I am blogging about it to help easily reference it once little man get’s here, but I also wanted to share it with other moms.

Print The Parents Pledge